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CodeSee Maps creates a customizable and extensible architecture diagram of your codebase that stays updated with every pull request. It supports Go, Java, Javascript, Python, Typescript and will soon be compatible with more languages. In addition, whenever you make a PR, CodeSee's PR Maps will show a map of your change automatically.

Begin your journey with CodeSee Maps by following the User Guide.

First Steps

CodeSee Recordings

Looking for CodeSee Recordings' docs? Follow this link.


CodeSee Maps uses GitHub to generate dependencies between files and updates your map to reflect changes in your codebase. We don't store your code, we analyze it on GitHub's servers using a GitHub Action.

By default, CodeSee auto-updates to new versions and collects usage data and crash report information. You may opt-out of these defaults by sending an email to [email protected].

CodeSee is in beta. Please contact us at [email protected] with support questions, feedback, or feature requests.