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Upgrading local to the latest version

  1. In your local codesee-alpha directory, git pull the latest changes from this repo
  2. Restart your docker compose by shutting down the docker container (Ctrl-C), and then running docker-compose up again.
  3. From the root of your app, install the latest CodeSee packages:

    npm install --save-dev @codesee/[email protected] @codesee/[email protected]
    yarn add --dev @codesee/[email protected] @codesee/[email protected]
  4. Rebuild and restart your application

TROUBLESHOOTING ADVICE: If it appears that nothing has changed, your application may be cacheing its babel artifacts. If you can do a clean build, try that. Or, if not, try removing your node_modules/.cache directory, or even remove your entire node_modules directory.