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Getting Started With CodeSee: Stories

Stories are a flexible tool to help you develop an understanding of your code, connect it directly to a specific line of code and then share both your code and your understanding with others creating an insanely powerful transfer of knowledge.

Stories in CodeSee let you build a narrative around the code in whatever order makes the most sense. You can tie snippets of code together from across the codebase, regardless of where the code appears in the structure of the files and folders.

Create a Story

  1. To create a new story in your data flow, expand the story bar on the far right of the screen. Add a title and optional description to your story.
  2. Click β€œAdd Story Element.”
  3. Add content to your story element. These are free form blocks for you to:
  4. Make notes to yourself
  5. Add reminders to revisit particular locations
  6. Make plans to modify particular parts of code in the future.
  7. Mark the important parts of the execution flow.
  8. Anything you want really...

Story elements can be linked or connected to code that they are referring to. 1. Click on β€œLink to code regions.” 2. On the right side of the data flow checkboxes will appear allowing you to select which lines of code you want to connect to a story element. 3. Click the β€œSave links to regions” button to confirm your selections. 4. Once linked, the link icon will indicate that code has been connected to a story element. Clicking on this icon takes you to the link of code that is linked and highlights it for you.

Rearranging Story elements

If you are jotting down your initial thoughts and you would like to rearrange those elements into a different order, you can simply drag and drop those elements.

Saving Stories

The text you write in stories is saved automatically. You’ll see a notification at the top of the stories panel when this is happening

Sharing Stories

Stories are private by default: only you can access the data flow and stories you’ve added.

If you want to share your story and data flow with others, click the Share icon, then choose:

  • Public: anyone you share the URL with will be able to see your story.
  • Organization: anyone with a CodeSee account using the same email domain as you will be able to see the story and data flow.