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Ways to use CodeSee

CodeSee is a tool to help you read, understand, write, or share code, whether you are working on a personal project you haven’t touched in a year, debugging code at work, or getting up to speed your first week at a new job.

Here are a few use cases that have helped developers get up to speed quickly and feel more confident in their implementation decisions.

  1. When you are starting a new task in an unfamiliar part of the codebase and you need to quickly identify the parts of the codebase that are involved in your task, create a data flow to see how that part of the codebase works.
  2. While you are learning something new about a codebase, add a story to your data flow to capture your understanding, so you don't have to code-dive again.
  3. When a teammate has a question about the code and you know the answer, use a data flow or story to share your understanding.
  4. When you've built a feature that others will likely need in the future, use recordings and stories to share your understanding with the team.
  5. Attach a shared story or data flow to your pull request to share with your teammates.
  6. Use a shared story or data flow with QA as a way to replicate bugs and issues in the codebase.