New Features & Improvements 🔥

New features:

Users can do the following inside of Review Maps:
View entire pull request conversations

"Resolve" and "Unresolve" conversations

Quote-reply to comments

Delete comments

Python codebases can add directories to the sys.path list of paths to search.
Turn links on and off with a toggle on Review Maps.
Click on file paths in resolved conversations on Review Maps to navigate to the file diff.
Toggle an experimental setting to rearrange files and directories in Review Maps.
Focus on a folder to highlight links.
Submit a commit by typing + (on windows) or + (on Mac) on Review Maps.
Google SSO is available as a login/registration option!


Improved the loading speed of Review Maps by 50%.

Improved the loading speed of large Codebase Maps by up to 40%.

Improved detection of dependencies when tsconfig.json has allowJs: true and it defines path aliases that are used in javascript files.
Fixed a bug where users were unable to duplicate a Map.
Fixed the ability to edit code review comments in Review Maps.
Fixed a bug where comments in Review Maps could appear in the wrong place if a file was "outdated."
Fixed a bug where the upload action failed on forked repositories.
Fixed the ability for nodes and groups to retain their position when a codebase map is saved.
Fixed the ability to copy API tokens on the Settings page.