22.09.21 Personalization

  • invite reminder emails are now personalized
  • the emoji suggestion dropdown is now displayed correctly (there was a display bug)

22.09.13 Map links

Bug fix: Links in Codebase Maps are appearing correctly again


Pre-Launch 7

  • Triggers are not assigning teams as reviewers properly
  • Make tasklist headers clickable
  • cmd-shift-z is redo again.

Pre-Launch 6

  • Open Enrollment is now enabled on prod!
  • Service Maps UI is now enabled on prod!

Pre-Launch 5

  • Setup page starts collapsed to be less overwhelming
  • Codebase Maps: selecting a node without any links is treated specially and does not hide all other parts of the map
  • Repo Settings page visual improvements
  • Updated demo video on Setup page
  • Add premium security features to Setup page
  • Upgrade dependencies to fix vulnerability in rust dependencies
  • Improvements to the github action workflow file: formatting, intro comment, upgraded dependent actions

Pre-Launch 4

The highly requested "Admin" role is now available for all accounts on production!


Pre-Launch 3

  • Better messaging when creating a Trigger, if no repo selected
  • Show triggers on Setup page with upsell to team plans
  • Add a "resend invite" button to the Users Settings page :tada:
  • Logo in GitHubWizard is now clickable

Pre-Launch 2

  • Page titles updated to be more consistent
  • Notifications around trigger usage limits are more friendly and helpful
  • Users with only Viewer privilege can no longer invite other users to an account
  • New "Why codesee" page to help those waiting on approval from github admins
  • Added video about Code Automation to the Setup page.
  • New design makes it more intuitive to view code from a Codebase Map in the data panel

Code Automation has been deployed to business and enterprise tiers

🎉 Code Automation is fully available to all paid tiers ahead of the public GA launch. We're so pumped this is going to be huge.


New Changelog Platform

We have been shipping basically everyday. But you wouldn't know that from this changelog! We have migrated changelog platforms so these will be posted regularly again.