New language support and better dev experience!


2023.02.23 Multi-host Support for Service Maps

  • Users may start seeing multiple hosts for a single service show up in the side bar!
  • This also contains a bug fix for RTCE!

2023.02.22 Performance Scaling on Review Maps


2023.02.21 .Net improvement

  • Update the DotNETDepends tool for new .Net lang
  • Fixed an issue with loading states and map generation messages not appearing for codebase maps.
  • Fixed: The CodeSee CLI was not processing some TypeScript files that include modern TypeScript language features, such as using the override keyword, for these files, we would not show dependency links. It should now handle those files properly, and the next time those files are processed, we will display the correct links.

2023.02.20 Registration Bug fixed

  • Fixing a production bug preventing users from completing registration

2023.02.17 Redesigned Review Maps

  • Review Maps have received a fresh coat of paint to make them prettier and easier to read
  • We’ve fixed a bug with the file browser in Codebase Maps that prevented hiding nested files
  • Review Map legends are more consistent with the diagrams
  • Allows users to double click to view code on public routes.

2023.02.16 Codebase Map Redesign

  • Redesigned Codebase Maps are on the way to prod
  • Updated the .NET dependency tool version/download URL.
  • Bug Fixes for Service maps

2023.02.15 So many updates

  • added better compression when saving large codebase maps
  • fixed a bug in Service Map where we weren’t listing all the outgoing calls in the sidebar
  • allow people to see the file browser when opening a Codebase Map in “View” mode
  • fixed a bug where tours steps appeared on the wrong layer
  • fixed a bug where long file names weren’t truncated in the file browser
  • Unblock .NET users who haven't upgraded their github action to v2
  • Improved link filtering for service maps
  • Fix for Kinesis Data Streams detection
  • Serverless Lambda support: CodeSee Datadog support for AWS Lambdas using a lambda layer

2023.02.14 Double Click to view the code

  • You can now double-click a codebase map node or file to view the code
  • Fix issue with tour point being in the wrong position

2023.02.13 Execution Flow

  • UI for Service Maps flows and variations backed by dummy data
  • Added some new icons for Service Maps for our customers
  • fix we now correctly show a 404 when someone cannot view a code base map because they have not linked a GitHub account
  • fix New note editing on codebase map works when the node has a thread icon on the node.
  • bug fix where users could get 'stuck' in the install wizard if they had to request the install from a github admin: This change allows them to unstick themselves