New language support and better dev experience!


  • Smarter Override Call Support: Mapping a call to a class method? Now, see all related overrides easily.
  • Enhanced Comment Support: Comments related to symbols are now included in their map nodes.
  • Multi-Node Selection: Select multiple nodes effortlessly with Cmd/Ctrl + Click.
  • Auto-Align Nodes: Organize your nodes horizontally or vertically with a simple click.
  • Resizable Dialog Panels: Customize the width of dialog left-panels as per your convenience.
  • Preliminary support for C# and PHP.


  • Drag nodes from anywhere within the node, not just the header.
  • The "View More" | "View Less" toggle keeps the top code lines of a node always visible.
  • Improved node performance and layout, especially when dragging or adding references.

Fixes & Enhancements:

  • Enhanced node layout for "add related" actions.
  • Expanded language support, including better handling for TypeScript and Python.
  • AI tours are now user-updateable, and AI PR summaries are just a click away from your clipboard.
  • New dialog for "add references" with extensive results.
  • Unique blue line indicator in the code gutter for repeated code lines.