2023.01.04 Service Map UI/UX Improvement

  • Service Maps - Show details for outgoing calls
  • Service Maps - Fixed bug with icon disappearing
  • Service Maps - Resource panel for a service
  • Service Maps - Colors for incoming/outgoing link

2022.12.28 Service Maps Sidepanel Improvements

  • Updates to the Service Map side panel
    • Format requests in the incoming tab
    • Group requests in outgoing tab
    • Request details in subpanel update
  • Read only version of the sidebar
  • In Service Maps, you can group services by custom categories
  • Code Automations: Improved formatting of checklists when posted in GitHub

2022.12.21 New Datadog Support!

  • We've release support for newest versions of the datadog dd-trace package
  • Improved our handling of super long sql queries

2022.12.20 OTel Improvements contd.

  • This work improves our ability to understand a variety of spans we receive via OpenTelemetry
  • A few specific OpenTelemetry improvements:
    • FSOperation changes
    • Log a surprising span improvements
    • Don't infer a service when status code:0
    • http.request improvement so inferred services aren't orphaned
    • wrap client fetch spans
    • use scope data to pick the right type of wrapped span
  • Services can be organized into categories

2022.12.15 So fresh and so clean clean

  • The app now uses a new typeface! So fresh
  • The list of featured Codebase Maps has been truncated
  • The service information panel has been redesigned
  • We’ve started to work on service categorization
  • All the incoming connections to services are now displayed in the sidebar
  • Fixed: Insights appear to be failing when attempting to fetch
  • We now identify express as a service type for opentelemetry
  • Redis now is identified correctly for opentelemetry
  • Starting to handle incoming http requests for opentelemetry

2022.12.13 OTel Improvement

  • Improved ability to identify Redis instances using OpenTelemetry data
  • Improved ability to help customers when labeling their raw spans

2022.12.12 v1.0 of OTel Support

  • Beginning support for parsing OpenTelemetry spans in Service Maps in addition to our ability to support Data dog.
  • Improved visibility of surprising span data

2022.12.09 Giving away more and making it easier

  • Business-tier billing accounts now have access to a maximum of 5 automations per repo (up from 1)
  • We added a “Quick start” section to the Guide for people who don’t like reading

2022.12.06 Code Automations Navigation

  • UI Triggers nav got a little wonky for some users. Got it fixed real quick!

2022.12.02 Why you should connect a GitHub

  • Users now have an option (when registering) to either go to the GitHub Wizard or explore the app through our new Guide.