2023.02.08 Polish

  • Fixed a bug where checklists in code automations were lingering when they were no longer relevant
  • Fixed a bug with GitHub Action page
  • Icons for mysql services in Service maps
  • Fixed bug in Codebase Map legend where tags don't show up in view mode
  • Render MySQL databases in Service Maps

2023.02.07 Scale improvements

  • Better handling of S3 buckets service maps

2023.02.01 Iconic icons

  • Codebase Maps - New legend!
  • Service Maps - New icons!

2023.01.30 Code Automations enforcement

Code Automations: if you make an automated trigger that posts a checklist, it WILL BE ENFORCED and the PRs that have a checklist wont be merged until all the items are checked off. To disable this setting visit settings->features menu.


2023.01.27 File Browser update

  • File browser in codesee maps has a "hide all" and "show all" buttons now so users can start from a blank map and can reduce clicks
  • Improve hidden categories in Service Maps
  • Automation - check should link to the documentation
  • Service Maps - Improve hidden categories in Service Maps
  • Codebase Maps - Fix position of the file browser's context menu
  • CodeBase Maps - Fix overflowing file browser items

2023.01.26 Sidebar upgrade!

  • Group diagram nodes by category id
  • Move file browser and insights to new side bar
  • We can now show/hide categories on the service maps

2023.01.25 Elastic!

  • Improved support for elastic search in Service maps

2023.01.20 Log out sadness

  • fixed a bug with the “log out” button made it difficult to log out of the app
  • update csp
  • sending uncategorized links to the Service Maps UI will not break it
  • tons of code deletions now that we’ve solidified our Tapestry backend
  • Visualize Koa in Service Maps

2023.01.19 Scale up!

  • Making it possible to horizontally scale the service-maps service so we can add more service-maps users
  • Improving how we populate the sidebar for endpoints in service-maps on complex express applications

2023.01.18 keyboard shortcuts!

  • Improve open enrollment UX
  • CodeSee Codebase Maps UI cleanup
  • Selecting a folder should show all the links in and out as well.
  • Selecting a node/group on the map should also select (and expand) the file browser to match
  • File browser: Clicking on a folder to select vs to expand/collapse should be distinct
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Enter should submit everywhere