2023.01.26 Sidebar upgrade!

  • Group diagram nodes by category id
  • Move file browser and insights to new side bar
  • We can now show/hide categories on the service maps

2023.01.25 Elastic!

  • Improved support for elastic search in Service maps

2023.01.20 Log out sadness

  • fixed a bug with the “log out” button made it difficult to log out of the app
  • update csp
  • sending uncategorized links to the Service Maps UI will not break it
  • tons of code deletions now that we’ve solidified our Tapestry backend
  • Visualize Koa in Service Maps

2023.01.19 Scale up!

  • Making it possible to horizontally scale the service-maps service so we can add more service-maps users
  • Improving how we populate the sidebar for endpoints in service-maps on complex express applications

2023.01.18 keyboard shortcuts!

  • Improve open enrollment UX
  • CodeSee Codebase Maps UI cleanup
  • Selecting a folder should show all the links in and out as well.
  • Selecting a node/group on the map should also select (and expand) the file browser to match
  • File browser: Clicking on a folder to select vs to expand/collapse should be distinct
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Enter should submit everywhere

2023.01.13 Product polish based on feedback

  • Service maps: filter "generic" inferred links like "GET *" when we have explicit links
  • Service maps: Sidebar now has tooltips
  • Service maps: Fix icons in the outgoing tab
  • Service maps: Fix bug where request counts were incorrect in the sidebar
  • Codebase Map Usability: Ctrl/Cmd+Enter should submit everywhere
  • Codebase Map Usability: Fix bug where comment icon appears when selecting a hidden node in file browser
  • CodeSee trace-datadog-rum makes less error logging
  • Triggers: improved styling of triggers page
  • Triggers: UI for saving triggers now matches UI for editing triggers

2023.01.10 Code Automations gets suped up!

  • Function level triggers. You can match against file contents so don't touch this function or don't call this endpoint or don't call this table because it's got PII. The possibilities are endless.
  • You can now easily duplicate a code automation trigger
  • Better handling of icons in service maps
  • Performance and usability improvements: we don't re-render the service maps diagram

2023.01.09 New week new services

  • Fixing the labels on codebase maps
  • Handle spring-webmvc traces for Java
  • Correct behavior for redis-connect so it doesn’t create empty endpoints
  • Handle Document Loading spans for javascript
  • Scaling improvements for enterprises

2023.01.06 Java getting served up

  • Improved support for Tomcat, Jaxrs, and Spring via OpenTelemetry for service maps

2023.01.05 Automations and Services

  • Adding more than N files as a condition to code automations
  • Fuzzy Match in service maps
  • Serve Map link improvements
  • Redis, SQS, Lamba call UI improvements
  • Group adornments should share capacity
  • Owner of billing account should see read only version of service maps
  • A bug fix to recognize more repos as Python repos, so they get analyzed for Python dependencies