First Code Map Best Practices

Everyone wants to see your whole codebase visualized. Now you need to go from an All Map to a focused map.

Tip 1: One Topic, One Map

We recommend one topic per code map. Need some inspiration on example topics? Check out our Demos page

So once you've selected a topic, let's choose an onboarding map, you can start making your focused map.

Tip 2: Remove everything that isn't in focus.

There are a number of ways to drill down quickly.

Tip 3: Labels, notes, colors

Start adding Labels and Colorsto your map to explain your onboarding concepts. As your code changes, these labels and colors will persist as the code is updated

Tip 4: Share your map with others

You can click the share button at the top right corner or you can click the download a image button and drop it in documentation, slack or anywhere.

Tip 5: Duplicate

Finally when you are ready to add another concept, just duplicate your map and change the labels and colors.