Refactoring Overview

The first thing you need to do with any refactor is to plan it out. Refactor plans are really important so you know what parts of code are there in the first place, what code will be affected by your change, estimates, what parts are priorities and what parts can be tech debt to tackle later. CodeSee helps you:

  1. Break system down into modules

  2. Plan a refactor

  3. Refactor service to follow patterns

  4. Refactoring monolith into services or services to a monolith

  5. Refactoring ... so you can better onboard

To plan your refactor start with a code map. Once you've drilled down your map, label the parts that need to be refactored. This helps explain your refactor to teammates or even your leadership team.

Use Review Maps to create code changes and continue to see how your change connects to other parts of your code in your PRs.

Use Code Automations to during your refactor to block people from touching areas of the code that are being refactored. Finally, use Code Automations to establish and scale your new best practices once your refactor is complete.


Refactoring Services requires an enterprise subscription

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