Uninstall CodeSee from GitHub repos

On Feb 22nd we'll be removing the CodeSee app from the GitHub app store. The CodeSee application will automatically be removed from your installed apps list, but you will need to take additional steps to remove the CodeSee action and secrets.

1. Remove the CodeSee GitHub action from each repo

Delete .github/workflows/codesee-arch-diagram.yml from each repo to remove the CodeSee GitHub action.

2. Remove the CodeSee secret

Navigate to the main page for your repo (github.com/orginization/repo-name) and click on settings --> secrets and variables --> actions.

Click the trash can icon next to CODESEE_ARCH_DIAG_API_TOKEN to delete the CodeSee application secret.

Note: CODESEE_ARCH_DIAG_API_TOKEN may exist in either/both of the Repository secrets and Organization secrets sections.

3. You're all set!

CodeSee has been successfully uninstalled!