Review Map Tours Quick Start

Types of code review walkthroughs to make for your team in 1 min or less

Code Reviews are a lot for anyone to manage let alone if you are reviewing 20 files or more. Review Map Tours let the author guide the reviewer around giving them key information to save 30% of the reviewers time.

Here are 3 types of Tours you can create.

1. TL;DR - Start here

Code hosts like Github display the files changed alphabetically. So providing a tour point on a Review Map indicating to the reviewer "Start Here" will shave off the time it take for the reviewer to get oriented.

start here

2. Walk through

A good tour can be as comprehensive as the PR author needs it to be in order to guide the reviewer. Good PR Tours at a minimum should articulate:

  • What changes you made
  • In what order to review the changes
  • Why you made the changes you did


Sometimes there's a particularly tricky part of a code change. The reason we made that code change might not be 100% obvious. Creating a tour point to explain a gotcha is a quick way to help someone wrap their head around the review and get your change merged. No meeting required!