Overview of CodeSee

CodeSee creates customizable and extensible maps of your codebase. Today, we support Javascript, Typescript, Python, Java, and Go -- and will soon be compatible with more languages.

Codebase Maps are auto-generated, interactive, collaborative diagrams of the structure of your codebase, on top of which you can add various annotations and tours. Developers use Codebase Maps for onboarding, code diving, planning, as well as mapping out ownership, tech debt and more.

In addition, whenever you make a pull request on a repository, a Review Map will automatically generate. These maps enable a visual, interactive code review that make reviewing code easier to do well, and faster to complete. An image of the map is also posted in every pull request right in GitHub, so you can have an overview of the change at a glance.

Interested in learning about the types of maps most used across development teams? Read our blog post.

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CodeSee has a ton of features to enable you to visualize how your code works. If you get stuck, shoot us an email or use the Intercom widget on the bottom right of any page.

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