Share Your Map

As a Map Owner or Collaborator, you can share it with others.

To change the share settings of your Map, click the “Share” button located in the top-right corner of the interface:

CodeSee Maps Share Menu Modal

Sharing With Individuals

To share the Map with specific individuals:

  1. Enter the email addresses of the individuals you would like to invite. Press the tab or enter key after each email address.
  2. Once all email addresses have been entered, hit return once more to submit.

Individual Share Permissions

Account RoleMap Permissions
OwnerRead, Write, ability to assign and update the roles of members
CollaboratorRead, Write

Sharing With Groups

To share the Map with a group, select from the following options:

  1. Your Team
    Only members of your CodeSee Team will be able to view the Map. Team members will see the Map on their CodeSee dashboard.
  2. The GitHub Repository
    Only those with Read (or more) access to the GitHub repository can view the Map. GitHub repository members will see the Map on their CodeSee dashboard.
  3. Everyone
    Anyone with the link can view the Map.

Group Share Permissions

Group TypeMap Permissions
Your TeamRole-based*, or Read, or no access
GitHub RepositoryRead or no access

*Owners and Collaborators have Read or Write permission on the Maps. Viewers only have Read permission on the Map.

Listing Your CodeSee Map in Your Documentation

We've provided a badge for you to use in your documentation (such as a file) below.

View Architecture Diagram badge for CodeSee

[![View CodeSee Map](](YOUR_CODESEE_MAP_URL)