Python Maps

My Python maps are missing dependency lines

If you are not seeing all the lines you'd expect in your map of a python application (Codebase Map and/or Review Map), you may need to configure a .codesee.json file.

Some Python applications manipulate sys.path. For example, your application may append a few paths to sys.path to make your imports more concise:


Or, you might modify the PYTHONPATH environment variable:

export PYTHONPATH='/src/my-repo/path/to/files:/src/my-repo/another/path:$PYTHONPATH'

This makes it difficult for CodeSee to find the connections between your files β€” but there's an easy fix!

Add a .codesee.json file to the root of your project with those same paths, but now relative to the root of the project:

  "python": {
    "sys.path.append": [