Review Map Custom Settings

Review Maps allow you to do a visual, interactive code review. As an author, you can walk your reviewers through your change with a Tour. As a reviewer, you can grasp the entire change at a glance, and review code in logical chunks. (So much better than alphabetical!)

Once Maps is installed on a repository, Review Maps will be automatically generated for every pull request made to the repository. There is also an “Install Review Maps” button on the /maps page to get you up and running.

Review Map Settings

The Review Map settings can be accessed using the menu on the right side:

Gif of accessing the Review Map settings

By default, all the connections between files and directories are displayed on a Review Map. To reduce visual clutter, turn on the "Hide links between files" setting. In this mode, you can still select files and directories to see the incoming and outgoing connections.

Setting to toggle the visibility of links in Review Maps

The layout of a Review Map is automatically generated. However, we've introduced an experimental flag that allows users to reposition files and directories by dragging them around the page.

Setting to toggle the ability to reposition nodes in Review Maps