Local Installation

CodeSee is offered as a hosted service, but you can also run it locally on your machine as a Docker container (please [get in touch with us]([email protected]?subject=CodeSee Local Access) for access).

Account setup

  1. Get access to docker codeseeio/app_node, make sure to have Docker installed, and that you are logged in.
  2. Get access to github.com/codesee-io/codesee-alpha, and git clone it locally. We recommend putting this repo outside of your app directory. For example:
  • src/
    • my-app/
    • codesee-alpha/
git clone [email protected]:Codesee-io/codesee-alpha.git --depth=1

CodeSee Local setup

  1. From the local, cloned codesee-alpha directory, run docker compose:
    docker-compose up
  2. Wait for postgres to report it's ready to receive requests, then hit Control C to stop the server
  3. When you're ready, run docker-compose up and your CodeSee server should be good to go. You'll know everything is working when you see the message: server started at http://localhost:5198

From now on, you can run docker-compose up in the codesee-alpha directory anytime to start up the CodeSee server, and <ctrl>+c to bring the server back down.

Setting up CodeSee on your codebase

Please follow our instructions on installing CodeSee, with the added
instruction of setting hosted to false, or removing the option entirely.